Autoneum ( is a global leader in acoustic and thermal managemment solutions for the automotive industry. Autoneum has 55 manufacturing facilities worldwide with 13,000 employees.

Customer Challenges

As a fast growing global organisation in the automotive industry in 55 locations Autoneum wanted to achive the value of "One Autoneum"

Our Solutions

We have contiually worked with Autoneum globally for 7 years to support the following outcomes

  • Global rollout of tailored leadership programmes for all plant management teams.   
  • Creating and sustaining high performing teams
  • Embracing change and new technologies
  • Developing a highly motivated organisation
  • Creating resilience and engagent in their organisation


The global training and coaching iniitiatives have helped Autoneum leaders

  • develop and strenghten their team to meet the challenges of their cusomers
  • develop ad retain their team members to operate in challenging environments
  • Work as "One Autoneum" in their 55 global locations.


"We value our extensive relationship with Shane & Tom.  By knowing our business and delivering training in our global locations they have helped our team members grow".