Der Touristik group


Der Touristik ( is a leading global tourist organisation.  Der Touristik is a brand with many companies which include Kuoni, CV Villas, DER and many more.  

Customer Challenges

  • Build a high performing global team
  • Attract and retain high calibre team members in a fast paced environment 
  • Leverage the strength of Kuoni by putting the customer first whilst maintaining their unique culture of the team

Our Solutions

  • We created an end to end solution for front line sales executives, assistant managers, store managers and area sales managers.  We designed and delivered a series of leadership programmes for the above groups which have clear links to their day to day role and each person attends as they grow in their role and in the organisation.
  • We have designed and delivered various programmes for individual departments.  Some of the areas addressed are: career, managing conflict, managing change, wellbeing, resilience and performance management.


The programmes have led to reductions in turnover, increase in productivity and retention of employees.

Customer Feedback

"We love the leadership programmes as he learn the theory and practise it in the classroom.  We then get to put it into practise in the workplace and it work."