Hoshin Kanri is a Lean tool to outline a business strategy.  It has a template which explains the strategy in a clear, concise & easy format to manage.  This is a great way to link the daily tactical activities with the strategic business direction.

The Hoshin layout will enable management to drive the business priorities while enabling the strategy to be cascaded down through any business to ensure alignment of goals / business objectives & programs.


  • Understand what is Hoshin Kanri
  • Benefits of using Hoshin Kanri
  • Develop the Vision & the pillars of success
  • Outline the relevant measures of success (KPIs) under each pillar
  • Define the roadmap of programs/ projects to deliver the KPIs under each pillar
  • Introduce a governance process using the Clock Model to drive strategy delivery & accountability

Audience: Senior Management Teams/ Department Teams


  • Defined Strategy using a clear template
  • Clear pillars & measures of success to drive business priorities & activities
  • Roadmap of activities to achieve the strategy
  • Governance process to deliver the strategy
  • Opportunity to cascade the strategy down through the organisation
  • Opportunity to recognise/ identify gaps to deliver the strategy 


  • Interactive group activities using flip charts to develop the Hoshin Kanri template using a workshop style approach
  • Using existing dashboards/ KPIs & program work to populate the template