The Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior™, or FIRO-B® Test, is designed to suport new or existing teams in and their perfromance.  It helps predict how high-performance teams would work together.

We use this tool with teams who are forming or who wish to perfrom better.  We also use it for matrix or global teams who want to achieve more through stronger relationships.

Potential Outcomes

  • Improved team communication
  • Better interpersonal interactions
  • Better understandging of relationships under the banner of "inclusion", "control" and "affection"
  • Creating longer lasting relatiopships with better outcomes


.5 day or 1 full day


Teams who want to perform at the next level.


We use the FIRO-B report.  We use a number of activities to explore the 3 headings "inclusion", "control" and "affection".  We  tailor the activities depending on the topic that are in focus.  It is highly interactive with lots of flip chart activities, review of individual report and breakout out conversations.