Process Mapping is a universal tool on how best to represent visually what we do at work.  This technique is suitable for all industries.  In manufacturing industries, steps are often tangible however for both supporting services & transactional/ service industries it is crucial to make the invisible visible.  It is often the decisions we make in our heads that are not captured.  By ensuring a process map has the right level of detail, these steps are captured.


  • What is a Process Map
  • Benefits of Process Mapping
  • Different types of Process Maps
  • How to develop a Deployment Process Map 
  • How to read a process map

Audience: Suitable for all levels within the organisation

Duration: 1 Day


  • Step by Step guide to develop a Process Map
  • Creates a common understanding of what actually happens
  • Visual Representation of the Process
  • Ability to challenge & optimise a process based on a clear picture of what actually happens
  • Understanding of the benefits of Process Mapping
  • Opportunity through process mapping to reduce the time required by 30%


  • Highly interactive workshop, Process Map a process using Flip charts & post-its