This highly interactive leadership programme is tailored for senior leaders who want to bring their team to the next level.  Leaders will learn to inspire others and drive a culture of accountability throughout the team.  Leaders will use coaching skills to create a fully engaged and productive environment in their team/organisation.  Leaders will learn how to have tough conversations across the organisation.  Leaders will also learn to think strategically and be forward thinking.  

Outcomes from this Training

  • Inspire others by setting a strategic vision
  • Coach team members to deliver more
  • Communication with others on a new level
  • Have tough conversations
  • Motivate others to achieve and deliver more output
  • Successfully implement change
  • Plan for future success
  • Learn models for creating and implementing strategy
  • Action planning for long term success


Leaders who want to develop personally and bring their team to the next level with strategy, energy and productivity. 


2 days


Flip chart activities, interactive team activities and action planning.