Six Sigma is a quality measurement using a standard methodology called DMAIC-Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control.  Using this structured methodology & a toolbox of problem solving techniques we can work with you to improve your quality & drive clear efficiencies into your business.


  • Understanding what is Six Sigma
  • Benefits Six Sigma can bring to your business
  • Type of projects that are suitable 
  • Toolbox to solve problems
  • Creates a new way of thinking

Audience: Suitable from Senior management to all levels within the organisation

Duration: 1/2 day to 5days depending on the level required


  • Improve quality of products/ processes/ information produced.
  • Empowering & upskilling of employees
  • Stop the fire-fighting approach - provide sustainable solutions
  • Identifying real life case studies with significant cost savings
  • Creating a way of working using problem solving techniques
  • Create data drive decision making


  • Interactive training with suitable exercises to re-enforce the learning
  • Flip chart activities to apply the tools
  • Opportunities to apply to a business problem/ project scenario