Problem solving is something we do every day.  At work it is more than getting to a solution, it is about using the human capital knowledge within the business to achieve a suitable sustainable solution.  This program is designed to use a series of techniques to achieve efficiencies & effective sustainable solutions.


  • Understanding what is a problem
  • How to define a problem
  • Introduce a number of ways to solve a problem
  • Root Cause Analysis tools -  5 Whys, Cause & Effect Diagram
  • Creative Thinking techniques - Brainstorming techniques, SCAMPER, Anti-Solution, Mind-mapping
  • A3 layout to solve problems (optional)

Audience: Suitable for all levels within the business 

Duration: 1-2 days


  • Confidence in using a number of tools to solve a problem
  • Toolbox to challenge problems
  • Creative thinking techniques to drive diiferent ways of looking at problems
  • Empower employees to bring forward solutions
  • Cross functional thinking on a problem


  • Flip chart activities, practical application of the tools, workshop style training