Servier Industries Limited


Servier Industries is a French Independent research foundation with a presence in Ireland since 1989, Employing more than 400 people in Ireland, >21,000 worldwide.  The Irish plant produces 120 million boxes of medicines, exporting to 105 countries worldwide.

Customer Challenge

Servier wanted to create a continuous improvement culture as a way of working.  This involved looking at the problems in the business & then customise the development of suitable training skills in problem solving, risk assessment & building and deploying a continuous improvement sustainable program globally.

Our Solutions

We have worked with the CI Manager & Senior Managers in Servier to develop & deploy a suitable Continuous Improvement program.  This robust program entailed

  • Lean Six Sigma training at Executive Belt, White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt levels
  • Risk assessment training.  

As part of the program we customised & developed the in-house expertise to allow for a sustainable program which was then deployed globally.  To support the sustainable development of this program, the development of in-house mentors & train the trainers was also required and was rolled out with great success.


Through the delivery of these programs applied in both the manufacturing processes as well as the support services areas, this program has brought about :-

  • Efficiencies in processes >30%,
  • Improvement in yield figures >15%
  • Robust 5S program with clear ownership within the teams
  • Full team engagement in ideas generation & implementation
  • Process Flow
  • Empowerment of employees


  • "Empowered to bring ideas forward"
  • "Valued when part of the improvement journey"
  • "Opportunity to demonstrate my creativity in sustainable solutions"
  • "Proud & appreciative of achieving my Lean Six Sigma certification"