Facilitation skills is the process  we use to guide & direct a group through a process of steps to achieve an agreed goal/ outcome.  It is important to recognise you are not expected to know the answer but through the facilitation of the discussion achieve the answer from the group.  This skill challenges our soft skills & how we interact with others.

This program is designed to give the participants the opportunity to explore & recognise their communication style & how to get the most from a group.  Role plays allows the participants an opportunity to put the theory into practice in a safe environment & to learn from each other.


  • Understand what is facilitation
  • 5 Essentials of Facilitation
  • Believable Communication
  • Different Communication Styles (using Forte)
  • The impact of communication - verbal./ non verbal
  • Take control of the room and build confidence
  • Manage emotions and characteristics in the room

Duration: 1 day

Audience: Suitable for all levels within the organisation


  • Understand the role of a facilitator
  • Understand the process of facilitation
  • Recognise your style & others in the form of communication & its impact
  • Opportunity to practice
  • Build confidence in the process of facilitation


  • Interactive role plays, flip chart activities