This highly interactive leadership programme is tailored for experienced managers who want to bring their team to the next level of working together and delivering more results.  Participants will understand the leadership mindset, how to engage others, help individuals find their passion and learn to think strategically.  Participants will learn how to coach with practise using practical role plays.  Participants will also learn to influence up, have career conversations with their team members and roll out change effectively.  

Outcomes from this Training

  • Learn the leader mindset to deliver more outputs
  • Engaging team members and preventing disengagement
  • Helping others find their passion to deliver more output
  • Create a team strategy and deliver it effectively
  • Coach team members using the GROW model
  • Career coach team members
  • Motivate others to achieve and deliver more output
  • Successfully implement change
  • Action planning for long term success


People Managers who themselves to deliver more and have their team achieve better output and become a stronger team.  


3 days


Coaching role plays, Flip chart activities, Panel discussion with senior leader, Individual and team activities and action planning.