Essilor - Transitions/ OLM


Transitions ( design & manufacture optical lenses with the most advanced photochromic technology ever released.  

Customer Challenges

After investing considerably into the process & products it was now time to invest in our people.  Transitions needed to develop their people managers with standard routines, using a common language.  The "Grow Your Team" comprehensive program was designed to allow people managers to self reflect on their approaches to management & their own styles while empowering them to become more effective with their teams.  

Our Solutions

We delivered the 'Grow Your Team' program which entailed a number of modules to develop all people managers.  The uniqueness of this program is that it was designed using the pyramid of learning:-

  • 10% onsite training; 20% using e-learning support tools, 1:1 manager support & external coaching for each individual; 70% on the job application of the learnings from each module.  This program became an accountable program for each attendee.  
  • Through this program a toolbox for managers was developed to empower & support managers with the challenges & routines required to be a success & role model for their teams.  


This program proved to be very successful in the reflection of individual managers through their self development as well as the support received from their direct reports.


  • "Highly interactive & energetic trainer - very strong at reading situations/ people to assist in keeping good engagement"
  • "Time to self reflect on the impact I have on others"
  • "Recognising that it is not always about the 'What' activities I ask of my team but also about the 'How' behaviours in which we all conduct ourselves."